Welcome to OC Sahaja Meditation/yoga classes in Irvine

Anyone can learn to meditate.  After all, meditation is really a state of being rather than something you do.  Once you learn how to achieve that state and use simple techniques to maintain it, you're well on your way!
Sahaja Meditation is an easy way for you to learn to:
  • become peaceful.
  • slow down an over thinking mind until the mind becomes silent.
  • bring your attention within.
  • de-stress and de-compress.

What does Sahaja mean?  

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Sign me up!  Where do I start?

We conduct weekly meditation classes in Irvine!  Feel free to come check us out at one of our meetings. For additional information on meeting location, please click on Meetings

Classes are instructor-led and a great way for you to get guidance, help and more information.  And best of all, they are absolutely free.

Want the BLAST-OFF version?  .Try the 10 lesson online course to your upper right.
Need more information before coming? Feel free to Contact Us.

Can't wait to get started!?  
Check out our free, 10-part online meditation course.


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